Walking on water can finally come off the bucket list

Belated Happy New Year!!

I realize it’s been way too long since I last posted, and I apologize. It seems I have been hiking more than eating, particularly since the holidays when I was hitting the Christmas cookies and assorted treats brought into the office pretty hard.

I did want to share this map of a hike I did this past Sunday at Oneida Shores Park near Brewerton. You can see that I finally accomplished my longtime desire to walk on water. It’s true. The map is proof, and this photo below substantiates my claim, too, as Tucker was my witness.

Tucker the Dog out on Oneida Lake

Tucker the Dog out on Oneida Lake

Of course the massive Oneida Lake was frozen at the time. It was eerie to look out over the lake with the snow and overcast skies merging into one gray mass.  I could have been in a Bergman film, it was that stark.

In the distance, there were several snowmobiles wheeling around and a clutch of ice fishermen huddling for warmth out on the lake, so I figured it was safe.  It was, though I later read a short item in the Post-Standard about a pickup truck doing donuts out on the lake that went through the ice, as did an excavator called in to pull it out.  Everyone was OK, but I suppose it’s the last time I walk on water.

I also did some hikes at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville and Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville. We really are lucky to have such incredible places so close by.

I did have a chance before Christmas, as I was wandering from store to store along Commercial Drive in New Hartford in search of I still don’t know what, to find a new place to eat while avoiding the chain restaurants.

Charlie's Place on Route 5
Charlie’s Plac
e is just west of Commercial Drive on Route 5.  It is a breakfast-and-lunch restaurant that sits about 50 people. It is warm and cozy, as the regulars at the counter enjoying their coffees could attest.

It amazes me each time I walk into a new place how quickly you can sense what kind of experience you will have. Charlie’s was inviting; right away you could tell the folks who run it care about it.  Service was friendly and efficient, and most importantly, the lunch special I had, a panini sandwich with spicy Italian sausage and fresh mozzarella cheese,  was great.

If you don’t want to eat in Sangertown Square Mall and want to steer clear of the Evil Empire, a k a Olive Garden, on Commercial Drive, give Charlie’s a try. You will be glad you ventured into a classic unchained restaurant.

4 thoughts on “Walking on water can finally come off the bucket list

  1. Dude, I LOVE Charlie’s Place. Best. Pancakes.Ever. Of course, I also love the evil Olive Garden, so I’m torn 😉 And I’m feeling partially responsible for pushing those office Christmas cookies off on you!

  2. I am so glad to see that you discovered Charlie’s Place!! We loved it there and would frequent it often for brunch on the weekends. Their cinnamon swirl pancakes are to die for, and their coffee rivals Quacks.

  3. We love Charlie’s. We end up there almost every weekend for breakfast … maybe that’s not a good thing for me to boast about with my ever-expanding winter waistline.

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